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This is a broadcast of the UNICOM frequency (123.000) in use by the A.L. Mangham Jr. Regional Airport in Nacogdoches, TX. ** THIS IS A SMALL AIRPORT AND TRAFFIC CAN BE SPARSE / TRAFFIC FROM KLFK, A NEARBY AIRPORT, MAY BE HEARD AT TIMES **

Live feed of Elmendorf AFB (PAED) Air Traffic Control - tower (127.2 MHz) and ground control (121.8 MHz).

Live feed of Anchorage International Airport (PANC). Stereo feed with tower on the left channel and ground, app/dep and clearance delivery on the right channel.

Brenham Airport Aircraft radio traffic - Operational - Utilizing a Realistic Pro-2020 and a Pro-2021 scanners, in stereo, one on the left channel and one on the right channel. Antenna is at 20 ft. AGL. Scanning 95 frequencies for local airports and air to air communications in Brenham, Navasota, other local strips and Houston approach frequencies.

Central Illinois Regional Airport (KBMI) Tower Channels Ground Control 121.650 Tower VHF 124.600 Tower UHF 269.575

Coulter Field (IATA: CFD, ICAO: KCFD, FAA LID: CFD) is a public-use airport located three nautical miles (6 km) northeast of the central business district of Bryan, in Brazos County, Texas, United States. It is owned by the City of Bryan[1] which is part of the Bryan-College Station area. The airport is used entirely for general aviation.

This is a stereo feed being provided by two Uniden BC346XT radios. This feed monitors the Denver International Airport EDACS trunked radio system. LEFT side: Airport Operations Talkgroups (including Snow Removal) RIGHT side: Airport Police and Fire-EMS Talkgroups (including Denver PS EDACS patches) BOTH sides: TG Simulcasts -or- previously unidentified Talkgroups

GJT Tower, Ground and FBO. Denver Center Approach and Departure. Bearcat 785 sharing a Discone antenna.

Live feed of Lake Hood (PALH) tower (126.8 MHz).

Live feed of Merrill Field (PAMR) tower (126.0 MHz) and ground control (121.7 MHz). Feed hardware is a Realistic 2020 and a Raspberry Pi running Darkice. The feed is mono and both frequencies are being scanned without priority.

The MIA Center Miami ARTCC scanner stream provides audio from radio communications between aircraft and Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center in Miami Springs, Florida, United States, for the Miami International Airport.

Scanning Approach, Departure and Ground Control at MIA using a PRO-433. Also using a JIM M75 preamplifier to help hear those planes that are on the ground.

Area Ground, Approach, Tower and Center Frequencies. This feed includes: KMAF Approach 121.100 Mhz KMAF Approach 124.600 Mhz KMAF Tower 118.700 Mhz KMAF Ground 121.9 Mhz KMAF area CTAF 118.700 Mhz KMDD Unicom 122.700 Mhz KODO Unicom 123.000 Mhz Ft Worth Center 132.075 Mhz Albuquerque Center 120.975 Mhz

Tallahassee area aviation frequencies: TLH Tower 118.7 / 257.8 W App/Dep 128.7 / 254.3 E App/Dep 135.8 / 317.4 Jax Ctr Sec 13 Low 134.3 / 227.125 Jax Ctr Sec 13 Low Alt 134.45 / 322.55 Jax Ctr Sec 28 L 127.8 / 352.0. ATC frequencies: Tallahassee Tower. Tallahassee App/Dep control. Two low alt Jax Center Freq that hand off to/from TLH.

Tower, Ground, and Approach. Links and Resources for KTPA KTPA Airport Info - AirNav | iFlightPlanner; KTPA Flight Activity - FlightAware; KTPA VFR Sectional Chart - iFlightPlanner; KTPA IFR Low Chart - iFlightPlanner;

Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport (KLBX) broadcast local non towered airport.

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