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The AB5JK StarLink-System is on Echolink *STARLINK* Conference Node 357087 & Asterisk Node 41120. The Conference Server is powered by a mesh of 10Gbps Ethernet connections and connected to multiple Tier 1 IP backbone providers. Our servers use only the best routing and switching equipment from Cisco, Extreme Networks and Riverstone for maximum throughput. The Live scanner feed source is provided via node 41118. All nodes on this system my be linked in many different ways at any given time. The 444.600 Repeater (node 29481) and the 146.620 Repeater (node 29486) are also affiliates of the Lone Star Link System, & the South Texas Link System. You never know what the topics of discussion will be, the backgrounds of the people, or the exciting communications you will hear.

This broadcast will be a direct feed of the Alabama Link system consisting of repeaters and nodes from across the state of Alabama. It will be receiving the feed and transmitting at 446.050. W4NQ Repeater Elba, Alabama 146.780 Coffee County KM4EDS Repeater Nector, Alabama 443.875 Blount County KT4ROY Repeater Troy, Alabama 442.700 Pike County KC4QWM Node Ramer, Alabama 145.600 Montgomery County

The BART System repeaters, 146.94 MHz and 448.35 MHz, operate 24/7 and are RF linked. Audio traffic consists of local Tucson and Southern Arizona amateur activity along with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Echolink and IRLP nodes providing world wide connections. BART Amateur Repeater System

The EAARS Amateur Radio Repeater System is a group of repeaters covering the south eastern area of Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. The system is wide coverage and although the feed will originate from Pima County Arizona.

Grayson County (Sherman/Denison) Texas amateur radio repeaters. W5DWH 145.330 Mhz Grayson County, TX Weather Bunch Discussion Repeater. W5RVT 147.000 Mhz Grayson County, TX ARES/SKYWARN VHF Primary Repeater. W5COP 147.280 Mhz Grayson County, TX ARES/SKYWARN VHF Secondary Repeater. W5RVT 444.750 Mhz Grayson County, TX ARES/SKYWARN UHF Backup Repeater. Feed is provided through a Radio Shack PRO-2040 scanner.

ARES repeaters for Cleburne, TX and surrounding cities including Burleson, Alvarado, Joshua, Keene, Grandview, Rio Vista, Venus, and Godley located in Johnson county, TX. 444.000 UHF repeater used for Skywarn storm spotting and other emergency communications, often linked to the 145.490 repeater in Cleburne. Johnson county KY5O ARES repeater 444.000 MHz Johnson county KB5YBI ARES repeater 145.490 MHz

Radio will be monitoring amateur radio repeater 146.940 Mhz. This is the primary frequency used for Fort Worth and Tarrant County Skywarn, RACES (Radio Amateurs in Civil Emergency Service), and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) reports and operations. The repeater is located in Fort Worth, Texas. The repeater is used for normal amateur radio use when not being utilized for RACES/Skywarn purposes. When the repeater is in RACES activation mode, the morse code signal for "R" ( dit-dah-dit) is heard at the end of a transmission.

Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub (LAARK) repeater located in The Colony. Hosts K5LRK club net and Denton CERT net.

This is an off air feed of the K5TYR 146.9600 repeater located in Tyler, TX.

This is an off air feed of the K5TYR 147.000 Repeater located in Tyler, TX.

This is a wide coverage multi-site linked system that provides support for the San Angelo NWS and SKYWARN spotters. It will use the callsign N5NWS during weather nets. It serves the communities of San Angelo, Abilene, Sweetwater, Brownwood, Brady, Coleman, Eden, Eldorado and links to repeaters in these cities. It also is monitored by Shannon Hospital Trauma Communications Center KE5RHN and may communicate between regional medical centers. The system supports normal amateur radio communications and gets very busy especially during weather events. The primary repeater hub for this system is the 444.225 repeater located 20 miles north of San Angelo in Coke County.

KE5YF 444.775 Sweetwater Texas KC5NOX 145.250 Sweetwater Texas

This feed provides amateur radio content which means you never know the topics of conversation, the backgrounds of the people, or the exciting communications you will hear. It will comply with part 97 of the FCC's rules which means all the family can enjoy

Audio feed of the KL1AC Amateur Radio Node 7768 (, with the transmitter located in North Pole Alaska. This node is connected to the Nationwide Alaska Reflector 910, channel 9 {9109}, home of the Alaska Morning Net (; Monday-Saturday @ 9am AKST)

This Feed is a stereo Left / Right feed broadcasting the 145.310 (N5ZXJ Right side) Amateur Repeater at 1,550 Ft AGL and the 147.140 (W5BEC Left side) at 1,680 Ft both in Bell County Texas. The repeaters are used for SkyWarn and regular Amateur use. 147.140 and 145.310 cover about 20 Counties or about a 70 mile radius of Central Texas on I-35. great for travelers.

This Allstar link covers repeaters reaching N Dallas to Almost Houston Texas along I45. Amateur Radio linked repeaters in Navarro, Freestone, Limestone, Leon County.

Your Listening to "The Montgomery Amateur Radio Club's" 146.8400 & 444.5000 Repeater "W4AP" & Also Skywarn Net Control During Severe Weather. This is the Busiest Repeater in Montgomery, Al. Where you will hear a Range of Subjects and also 2 NET's Per Week

This is an off air feed of the W5ETX 145.210 repeater in Tyler, TX.

Dallas Amateur Radio Club 146.880 Repeater is one of the most active repeaters in North Texas hosting varied nets throughout the week, the DFW Early Traffic net every evening at 6:30 PM local, and the county wide RACES SKYWARN nets when severe weather impacts the area.

Denton County Amateur Radio Association 145.17 repeater stream. Primary Lewisville Amateur Radio Association (LARA) hangout. Backup ARES and SKYWARN repeater. Hi-Fi.

Denton County Amateur Radio Association primary repeater. ARES and SKYWARN stream. Hi-Fi.

Denton County Amateur Radio Association analog UHF repeater stream. Drive time & late night buffoonery. Hi-Fi.

Amature Radio Repeater 145.330 - Haltom City, Texas

This is the 145.330 repeater located in NorthEast Tarrant County Texas. This includes the 6Shooter net on Thursday evenings.

Hockley county amateur radio repeater Levelland Texas . Operating frequency 146.880.

146.760 WB5RDD Paris Repeater - 444.475 KI5DX Paris Repeater - 145.130 - Severe Weather Coverage, some Paris events. PARIS PD and LAMAR CO. SHERIFF'S OFFICE, LAMAR COUNTY FIRE calls. The WB5RDD Paris Texas Amateur radio repeater, used during bad weather conditions and general chat. 146.760 mhz

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