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Scanner: Realistic Pro 38, HP Touchsmart300 computer. North Florida Analog Feed for Alachua County Fire Rescue. Updated 08/06/2011

Brevard County Fire Rescue District 20 Paging Dispatch 1, all Tac Channels, Air Ops, EOC

Covers Fire dispatch, ground & Rescue for most cities in Broward County.

Dallas Fire Channel 1 453.875 FD primary Channel. Engine, Truck, Chief Dallas Fire Channel 2 453.900 MICU primary Channel. DFR 11 and DFR 12 which are talk around direct channels. I am using a Motorola Visar radio with MCD1200 enabled to help eliminate the data burst that is typically heard on a scanner. It will eliminate most but not all of the Data burst associated with the units keying up using the MCD1200 signaling.

Dallas Fire Rescue Automated Station Dispatch only. There are no other comms. on this feed. You will only hear the computer generated Fire dept. dispatching.

Dispatch and Tactical radio for Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. See feed information for additional details.

The Mission of the Hollywood Fire and Rescue is to identify and respond to community needs in order to deliver an effective and efficient system of services which minimize risk to life, health, and property from fire, trauma, acute illness, and hazardous conditions.

Primary dispatch for the Juneau Police Department and Capital City Fire/Rescue.

It is the mission of the Levy County Department of Public Safety to preserve life and property, promote public safety, and foster economic growth through leadership, management, and actions as an all risk life safety emergency response organization. This shall be accomplished through innovation, team work, and outstanding customer service with prudent utilization of public funds provided by the community.

This is to compliment the North feed, this serves South & Central Miami-Dade county. This feeds from a BC355N, from a Dipole antenna. The following channels are being monitored: 460.50000 KIM654 RM 245 DPL MDFR C Disp Central - Dispatch FMN Fire Dispatch 453.15000 WNIY425 RM 263 DPL MDFR S Disp South - Dispatch FMN Fire Dispatch 453.52500 WQHC509 RM 226 DPL MDFR Tac 1 Tactical-1 FMN Fire-Tac 460.45000 WQHC509 RM 244 DPL MDFR Tac 2 Tactical-2 FMN Fire-Tac 453.32500 WNKR362 RM 205 DPL MDFR Tac 3 Tactical-3 FMN Fire-Tac 460.40000 WNKR364 RM 251 DPL MDFR Tac 4 Tactical-4 FMN Fire-Tac 453.42500 WNIY425 RM 174 DPL MDFR Tac 5 Tactical-5 FMN Fire-Tac 453.80000 WPVJ469 RM 265 DPL MDFR Tac 6 Tactical-6 FMN Fire-Tac

Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue - South Dispatch & Tac Channels. Tac 1 - 7, Air Rescue 1 / 2, and Airport Fire Fighting Rescue.

North Dispatch 453.35000, East Dispatch 453.10000, Air Rescue 1 & 2 460.31250

Monroe County Fire Rescue is a scanner website that provides safety and security for the people in Monroe County, Florida.

Emergency Dispatch for Montevallo Fire and Rescue in Montevallo, AL.

Naples Fire Rescue is a scanner website that provides safety and security for the people in Naples, Florida.

This is the radio feed for the North Collier Fire and Rescue District's dispatching system. This is for Naples Florida in Collier County.

Palmer Fire Rescue is a scanner website that provides safety and security for the people in Palmer, Alaska.

Fire and Rescue (Fire A, Rescue B) Turn on tags for channel info. 30 Second delay. Down aprx 2 min each morning for reboot. 15 min backup power.

Talkgroups monitored: SFDALARM-SFDTAC2-EMA ALERTS-AIR OPS 1 (Formerly the "patch" group) MA FIRE 1-MA FIRE 2-MA EMS 1-MA EMS 2- HAZMATALL

Feed contains conventional channels for Police/Fire/Rescue for Selma/Dallas County area.

Sunnyvale Fire Rescue is a full-time career fire department serving the City of Arab.

City of Wylie Texas Communications feed for the Wylie Fire Rescue. Wylie is located in southeastern Collin County, approxitmately 8 miles northeast of Dallas. Wylie communications dispatches for the cities of Wylie, Fairview. The City of Murphy, Fair

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