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(((Stereo Feed))) Left = BNSF Chicago, Mendota, and Aurora Subs, Eola Yard switchers, Amtrak Home channel; *** Right = CN's ex-EJ&E Leithton Sub and UP's Geneva Sub.

Feed monitors Canadian Pacific and Union Pacific (and some Canadian National) operations near Tower B-17 in Bensenville, Illinois. Channels monitored include: AAR 054 054 - 160.920 mHz (CN Waukesha Sub, End-to-End) AAR 079 079 - 161.295 mHz (CN Waukesha Sub, Train to Dispatcher) AAR 044 044 - 160.770 mHz (CP C&M Sub, Road) AAR 094 094 - 161.520 mHz (CP Elgin Sub, Road) AAR 088 088 - 161.430 mHz (CP Bensenville Yard) AAR 025 025 - 160.485 mHz (UP Milwaukee Sub, Road) Feed uses a Motorola GM-300 and indoor TrainTenna installed near downtown Bensenville.

This feed monitors Canadian National's End-to-End road channel, AAR channel 54 (160.920 mHz) near Grayslake, Ill. From this monitoring location, this single channel covers operations between State Line and Leithton on the Waukesha Subdivision, plus the Leithton Subdivision from Waukegan to Lake Zurich. The feed uses a Motorola GM 300 with a TrainTenna outdoor antenna mounted approximately 25 feet above ground level.

This feed is temporary until the new tower is erected, which will greatly improve reception.

Norfolk Southern Railroad channels in use on the Norfolk and Blue Ridge Districts in and around Crewe, VA. Show more

CSX and Norfolk Southern railroad traffic from the greater Callahan, Florida area. The radio is a four channel Motorola M1225, scanning AAR channels 32, 66, 14, and 56.

CSX railroad traffic around the Baldwin, FL area. Monitors the following AAR channels: 08, 14, 32, 54, 66.

his feed is sponsored by the Plant City Chamber of Commerce and provided in conjunction with an ATCS server at the restored railroad depot in Plant City. The feed monitors AAR channels 08, 12, 25, 32, 54, 66, 82, 84, 86, & 94.

This feed is provided in conjunction with an ATCS data server. The radio is a second-hand Motorola VHF radio fed into a Fit-PC2 computer dedicated to the feed.

CSX Railroad Traffic in the Greater Plant City area scanner audio in the Hillsborough, California, United States area provides audio from the dispatchers and CSX railroad personnel in the Greater Plant City.

Channel 28 - Bowden Terminal and Dispatcher. Channel 44 - Trains to Dispatcher. NOTE: This feed contains FEC channels only. CSX and NS frequencies are not scanned on this feed. The receiver is set up to scan FEC channels, Road 28-28, Dispatcher 44-28, Mechanical 60-60, Engineering 36-36, and a VHF "test" channel in amateur radio 2 meter band. 28 is set for priority monitoring.

Live railroad communications on Union Pacific radio frequencies around Roseville, Donner Pass, and the greater Sacramento, CA area. Also, hear BNSF trackage-rights trains and Amtrak operating on UP lines in the coverage area.

CSX Railroad audio feed from the Montgomery, Alabama, area.

This feed provides audio coverage of Norfolk Southern's Washington District as well as the Buckingham Branch RR around Charlottesville, VA

This feed provides coverage of Norfolk Southern's Washington District in and around the Manassas, VA area.

This feed provides audio for Norfolk Southern VA Division operations in and around the greater Roanoke area. Wide area coverage is available including Roanoke Terminal and the 6 surrounding districts that stem out from the city. Audio is provided by a Motorola Maxtrac radio with signals fed from a Traintenna antenna mounted atop one of the tallest buildings in downtown Roanoke.

Norfolk Southern Bluefield (VA/WV) rail comminucations. Channels: 160.650 (AAR 36) NS Pocahontas District 161.1900 (AAR 72) NS Christiansburg District 161.2500 (AAR 76) NS Bluefield Terminal 161.490 (AAR 92) NS Clinch Valley District Feed is located in Bluefield, VA near the WV border and uses an ICOM V8000 ham radio. Co-located with an ATCS server.

(Stereo Feed) * Left = CP / CN * * Right = UP / BNSF * Here’s what you are listening to: (Stereo Feed - Utilizing two Motorola GM300 radios). Show more

The Perth Railways Police and Transperth Operations scanner stream provides audio monitoring the Perth railways police and Transperth rail operations from Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

Railroad Radio Los Angeles area scanner audio in the Claremont, CA, United States, 32 miles east of the Los Angeles Union Station, provides audio from the dispatchers and CSX Railroad personnel in the Claremont area.

Live Railroad Scanner Radio Communications.

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